Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Rebirth of Mother Earth

     In Greek mythology, a phoenix is a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. Our mother, earth, can be visualized as a giant phoenix.

     She is huge, she’s scary, but she’s threatened.

     She’s patient, like any mother, but no mother would forgive a child who took everything from her, and then ditched her. She waited patiently for years, for her child to rethink, but the dawn of realization never came. She retaliated furiously, or rather, ferociously.

     Earth is constantly changing. But, with the development of human beings, she has been exposed to very rash treatment. With more and more forests being cleared and more and more constructions taking place, mother earth has been ripped off her greenery and poisoned with ruins.Man has long been aware that his world has a tendency to fall apart. Science says that someday, the sun will grow cold, and life on earth will cease. But long before the sun grows cold, as a matter of fact, the earth could die biologically. The rate at which the resources are dying away, we can virtually see ‘the day’ coming. In fact, the Indian Ocean Earthquake and tsunami of 2004, Hurricane Katrina of 2005, the New Zealand earthquake of 2011, are all signs of the even greater devastation to come.

     Like a phoenix changes forms, mother earth might burn all the life on her, and then obtain a new form, which is more pleasant and divine, because, for something good to begin, something bad must end. The phoenix must burn to emerge. We cannot hope for human life to continue on earth endlessly. We know that there have been species washed out of the phase of the earth. Our time must be nearing.  We will have to pay for the years of ignorance.


 Now that we have endlessly depleted our natural resources and polluted our mother earth to every extent, it is time we wake up. We must understand that nothing can change what we’ve done to our planet and to ourselves. No magic will happen in one day. If anything can make earth a better place to live in, even in the years to come, it could only be our sustained effort.

     We must realize what went wrong, take measures to recreate nature and reassure that the gifts of nature would be cherished till the last race of mankind perishes.
It is our duty to prepare mother earth for a more peaceful rebirth.

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